A Better Weigh

Transformation Is a Mind-Set

A Better Weigh Center is now NeuroSwitch™ Weight Loss: Helping Individuals Live Healthier Lives.

If you are concerned about your health due to your weight, the staff at A Better Weigh Center, now NeuroSwitch™ Weight Loss, can help you. For many years, our Dallas/Fort Worth weight loss center has been assisting those who have dealt with obesity and its many restrictions and negative effects for years. Led by Dr. Franchell Hamilton, our new online program offers numerous services that can be individualized to help you find long-term weight loss and wellness.

After many years of focusing on bariatric surgery, Dr. Hamilton has changed her focus to a brain-based weight loss program that has proven to be the most effective for sustained weight loss and lifestyle transformation for her patients. The program helps patients uncover the mental, behavioral, medical, and environmental factors that have kept them from reaching their goals for years. This approach allows patients to understand the best ways to address the triggers that have undermined their success for years.

Along with the recurrent complicated weight regain, NeuroSwitch™ Weight Loss also offers skinny shots, IV therapy, hormone pellets, and other cosmetic procedures to help patients feel the best about themselves. While located in Argyle, Texas, our weight loss and wellness program is mainly offered mainly online in order to help people all over the United States. Our newest scheduling options allow for virtual appointments, self-scheduling, and transparent pricing. To find out more about the services and scheduling, please visit us at NeuroSwitchWeightLoss.com

We understand how fighting obesity and other health issues can feel like an uphill battle. Let us help you regain some control over your weight so that you can enjoy a better quality of life.

A Better Weight Center, now NeuroSwitch™ Weight Loss, offering you the tools to take back your health and wellness.

Dr. Franchell Hamilton, MD, FACS, FASMBS

Dr. Franchell Hamilton, Board Certified Obesity Medicine and Wellness Specialist, Bariatric Surgeon/Author/Practice Consultant