And The Best Diet Is….

Dr Hamilton’s first book, And The Best Diet is… was written partly as a response to the many fad diets and cleanse programs that her patients mentioned in their appointments. She had spent years working with patients who struggled with losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight. These patients recounted numerous different attempts at following diets that mostly ended with not only failure of weight loss, but in many cases added more weight and shame.

With her experience as a Board Certified Obesity Medicine Doctor and Bariatric Surgeon, Dr Hamilton knew first hand the confusion about nutrition, diets and long term weight management. The book was written out of her passion to help her patients have as much information as possible to be able to make the best decisions for their health and wellness. This book offers an easy to read and understand breakdown of many of today’s most popular diets.

If you have found that your diet programs can’t be sustained or never work…
If you get frustrated with each new fad diet and seem to be in a cycle of waiting for the next “new” diet…
If you are confused about why some diets work for others, and not you….
If you want to see the pros and cons to many of today’s popular diets and find out which is best for you….
Then And The Best Diet Is…. is the book for you!