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According to a study researcher from Montefiore Medical Center and professor of surgery at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, it is safe for patients over the age of 60 to undergo bariatric surgeries. While the surgeries may not help older patients achieve weight loss, these procedures can eliminate problems associated with weight-related problems, such as:

  • High blood pressure
  • Type II diabetes

The Study

To determine whether patients over the age of 60 are safe to undergo weight-loss surgeries, 83 patients underwent two different bariatric procedures. On average, these patients weighed 269 pounds before surgery, making the average amount of excess body weight about 120 pounds. Over 90% of these patients suffered from high blood pressure and 64% had diabetes. More than half of the patients suffered from high cholesterol. In addition, about 30% of these patients had asthma while 35% were affected by sleep apnea.

The following changes occurred a year after surgery:

  • On average, patients lost about 65% of excess weight
  • Patients’ risk of diabetes reduced by 33%
  • Patients’ risk of high blood pressure decreased by 27%
  • Patients’ risk of high cholesterol decreased by 20%
  • Many patients saw an improvement with other health issues such as sleep apnea and asthma

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