Many people struggle with weight loss. It is not a matter of having the willpower to stay on a diet or lacking the motivation to get out and exercise. There can be many reasons why weight loss is a challenge, but the key is to understand that there are highly effective weight loss options to consider here in the Dallas, Fort Worth area.

Surgical Options for Weight Loss

The team at A Better Weigh Center is here to provide the options, expertise, and support you need to accomplish your weight loss goals. For some of our clients, the best option may be to consider weight loss surgery in the Dallas, Fort Worth Metroplex area.

Our bariatric surgery is performed by Dr. Franchell Hamilton. Dr. Hamilton is a board-certified surgeon who also sits on the bariatric committee for the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES). With hundreds of bariatric surgery procedures completed, Dr. Hamilton works closely with the other professionals at A Better Weigh Center to not only help you to lose the weight but to keep it off for life.

Weight Loss Options

In addition to weight loss surgery and bariatric surgery, we also offer a full complement of non-surgical weight loss options. After the initial consultation, we will discuss your weight loss goals and recommend a treatment plan.

Some of our patients will be candidates for medical weight loss procedures while others will find that medical weight loss combined with exercise therapy is the most effective weight loss option.

Each of our patients will have a unique treatment plan to help them to achieve their weight loss goals. Personalized to your body, our customized treatment options will be effective in assisting you to reach your weight loss goals.