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Adults living with diabetes suffer longer with disabilities and die sooner that men and women who don’t have the disease.

A recent study published in the journal Diabetologia has concluded that both Type I and Type II diabetes shorten the lifespans of 50-year-old men and women by more than three years. Furthermore, the study found that only approximately 13 of a patient’s remaining years would be disability-free. Disabilities associated with high blood sugar levels include movement problems, vision loss, and amputations.

According to the study, a woman diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 50 can expect to live roughly another 34 years, 21 of which she will deal with disabilities. For a man, the life expectancy is 30 more years – 17 with disability. Compared to healthy non-diabetic individuals, women lose an estimated 9.1 years of disability-free living, and men lose 8.2 years.

Gestational diabetes and the risk of cardiovascular disease in women: a systematic review and meta-analysis

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It is important for doctors and patients alike to understand the link between diabetes and decreased life expectancy and decreased quality of life. In a world where diabetes has reached epidemic levels, this study is a wake-up call for doctors to revise their practices and for patients to consider making important life changes.

Approximately one in three people under the age of 25 are likely to develop diabetes at some point during their lifetimes. More than 400 million people around the world have diabetes, with most nations seeing steep increases over the past few decades due to increasing rates of obesity.

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